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Black Body Pillow Case

This luxurious Black Body pillow case renders 20 x 54 inch cooling element that cools down your Body up to 54 degrees fahrenheit, it imparts a tight-fitting fit and is produced to last for years of use.

Ultra Soft Microfiber Pillowcase Body Pillow Cover 20 X 54 Inch

Body Pillow Case Ultra Soft

By Nestl Bedding


Ultra Cozy Breathable Envelope Body Pillow Cover 20
Pillowcase With Body(20x60) Black

Ultra Soft Velvet Body Pillow

By Does Not Apply


Ultra Soft Microfiber Long Bedding Pillow Cover Solid Us
Ultra Soft Microfiber Long Bedding Pillow Cover Pillowcase 2020
Soft  20

1 Piece Zebra Leopard Purple

By Linen Plus


Soft Micro Suede Zebra Black Brown Turquoise 20

Body Pillow COVER Case Soft

By Linen Plus


Soft Microfiber Long Bedding Long Body Pillow Covers 2021

New Body Pillow Case Soft

By Unbranded



Sweet Jojo Black and White

By Sweet Jojo Designs


Ultra Fluffy Cozy Warm Body Pillow Cover

20" x 54" Long Velvet



Cheap Black Body Pillow Case

This Black Body pillow case is a best-in-class solution for suitors with long Body pillows, it is produced of compression fabric and provides a compression feature to keep your Body pillow secure. The case also grants a comfortable fit and is produced of high-quality materials, this is a high-quality, Black Body pillow case that comes with a microfiber pillowcase. It is top-of-the-line for someone with a big body, the case comes with 20 x 54 inch size, which is valuable for anyone. This is a Black Body pillow case, it is soft and gives a microfiber long bedding on each side. It is long enough to tailor a long Body pillow and is likewise long enough to tailor a Body wash and toothbrush, the case grants button to increase or decrease the softness of the pillow case. The pillow case is manufactured of 100 cotton and is soft and comfortable to sleep in, it grants an 54-inch length and extends a Black cover. The case also includes a closure system that opens and closes the case to protect the investment.