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Silk Pillow Cases

This is a 100 mulberry silk pillowcase - both sides silk - 3 sizes multiple colors - each. This is a great new product for your ecommerce store. This silk pillow case is made of 100% silk and is both sides silk. It has a multiple size and is made of durable silk. It is a great addition to your home and will make your home more stylish.

Blissy Pillow Case

If you're looking for a cozy and soft pillow case to keep your pillowies safe and sound, look no further than the blissy pillow case! This stylish and stylish suitcase-sized case is perfect for storing all of your pillowies in one place, and it's also loveable and friendly anointment!

Blissey Pillow Cases

This pillow case set is perfect for those who love to take care of their hair and skin. The cases come with two pillow covers that are made of silk satin. It also comes with a zip-up section that allows you to keep your pillowcases clean. the satin pillowcase is the perfect solution for keeping your pillowcase made of silk in good condition. This case has two packs of silk pillowcases in queen size, 20x30 inch size. The cases have different shape and size for perfect fit for your device. this blissy pillow cases from 100 satin silk is a luxurious pillow case made of compliance with the standard king and queen comfort zones. The soft and cozy feel of this pillow case is ensured by the 100% satin silk fabric. It comes with a standard king size bedspread and a standard queen size bedspread. As well as the pillow case itself, this care includes: -A perfect fit for your body -No-show to keep your body warm -A comfortable top layer for your head -A perfect layer for your feet -A luxurious feel to your bed the 100% satin silk cotton fabric and construction means this pillow case is sure to give you the most perfect bedsitter experience. Who sells silk pillow cases? there is no one who sells silk pillow cases. However, if you were to look online, you may find some potential pillow cases of this type. Some people might find cases made from pure mauve silk, from which it is welly's favorite color.